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Plants & Care

At Moustakis Flower Company, plants are part of our life! We love taking care of them, watching them grow, and develop their own “character,” just like us. As plants grow, they often need our assistance, either because the nutrients in their soil are insufficient and they need their own “vitamins,” or because they are “maturing” and require a change of space for their root system to breathe, the well-known transplanting, or because they have lost their form, so beautifying actions like pruning and many others will refresh them.

Many of you love plants, and we are delighted to see more and more people joining this passion. Some of you may not have the knowledge to care for them properly, either because it is your first time taking care of a plant or because the plant’s requirements are numerous and particular. Others may have the knowledge but not enough time to give them the attention they need and want! The MFC team is here, with its trained members and abundant love, having the knowledge, the products, and the time to help with the care of your plants.

With a message, a phone call, or even better with a visit to our space, you can share your concerns, and together we find the ideal approach for what your plant needs and which of our services will help you see it grow beautifully and healthy!

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