Flower Company

Our company’s floral studio is now situated in the serene neighborhood of Dafni, centrally located in Athens, in a very beautiful private space, just 300 meters away from the metro.

It is the ideal place for us to hold our meetings, whether they are related to social events, care for your professional space, or corporate-related events.

A visit to our space is enough to feel the magic from the flowers, as well as the energy that plants can give to our life.


Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00

Flower Workshop Naxos

Open from March to October

Flower & Concept Boutique

When plants and flowers begin to be the new focal point in interior decoration, we created our Flower & Concept Boutique on the island of Naxos in 2013.

It is a space where visitors can visualize decoration proposals consisting of flowers, plants, combined with objects as well as furniture, and make the overall purchase of the proposal that captivates them.

In addition to home decor items, in our space, one can choose summer outfits along with many options of accessories, jewelry, and many other statement pieces.

Coming to our boutique, our visitors get inspired, draw ideas, and refresh themselves by experiencing a visit…until the next time.

Open from March to October

Ohayo Teahouse

Ohayo in Japanese means good morning!

Ohayo is the first Tea House – Floral Studio in Greece.

Our space was created for you to relax – away from the ‘noise’ of the city – sipping your tea or another beverage of your choice in a warm and comfortable environment surrounded by plants and flowers, experiencing the joy of living with flowers every day!

An image of a greenhouse, where plants spread everywhere, and the Greek element meets Japanese culture in a magical and highly creative way.





Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

Flower Workshop Ios

Open from March to October
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