Blooms in Bloom: Simple Steps for Fresh Flower Care


We all know that fresh flowers emit a unique beauty in every corner! However, to maintain this beauty and radiance, we must dedicate a little love to our flowers. We’re sure many of you have wondered, ‘How do I take care of my flowers?’ Well, you’re not alone! Take a look at this quick guide to keep your flowers happy, vibrant, and fresh!


Step 1: Make the right choice.
Choose flowers with tight petals and vibrant colors. Avoid damaged or wilted blooms for a bouquet that will last longer.


Step 2: Select a vase and clean it thoroughly.
A clean vase prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring the freshness of your flowers for a longer time.

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Step 3: Remove any foliage below the water surface.
Before placing the flowers in the vase, remove any foliage that will be submerged in water to prevent bacterial growth.

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Step 4: Trim stems at a 45-degree angle and place them in the vase.
This ensures optimal water absorption, allowing your flowers to stay hydrated.


Step 5: Proper Placement.
Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and heat.
A cool, well-ventilated space is ideal.


Step 6: Gently inspect your bouquet.
With a caring touch, remove wilted petals and leaves. This encourages the growth of new blossoms, maintaining the overall beauty of your arrangement.

Friendly tip: You have the option to enhance the longevity of your bouquet by adding flower food, which includes essential preservatives. However, this is completely optional, depending on your preferences!

As a final reminder, you should change the water frequently, preferably every 2 days, to maintain freshness and replenish the vitality of your flowers! When changing the water, it is important to carefully clean your vase to eliminate any potential presence of bacteria that may affect the life of your flowers. Additionally, it is recommended to clean the flower stems and cut their ends again, as described earlier, to allow the flowers to effectively absorb fresh water. Don’t forget that flowers love clean water, just like we humans do!

With these simple steps, you can prolong the beauty of your fresh flowers and enjoy their charm for an extended period.
Embrace the elegance of nature with a little care, and let your blooms continue to brighten your space.

For a visual guide to flower care, our flower expert Maria Moustaki has created a video. Explore the link (here) to watch her explain and offer valuable tips to enhance your floral experience.

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